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Wangesha singing

Wagesha trying out the words to Bing’s safari song “See him there Samburu Warrior”

Wangesha banter

Wangesha asking “Plastic Warrior” a very sensitive question about Samburu Warrior life….


Setting Sail on Tusitiri on a Dhow safari off the coast of Kenya

Mara Lion

Mature Male Lion walking in the beautiful early morning Mara light.

Mara Lion Roaring

There is no feeling like being next to a big male Lion Roaring

Male Lion

Full maned lion early morning in the Mara with Gnus behind!

Dawn Gnu crossing

Great migration in full motion at dawn crossing the Sand River Maasai Mara.

Gnu Crossing

one of the greatest spectacles on earth… the great migration. Gnus crossing the Sand River in beautiful early morning light.

Elephants at water hole.

Several elephant families congregate at water hole. Enasoit, Laikipia.


Lepeta seeing evidence of a live Ngambit (Samburu Yetti) on an iPad… he does not like looking at it so he asks Lelempere questions about what they look like… “Which one of the two is the Male… what has it eaten… has it eaten a human???”

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