Lying just South of the Equator, Tanzania is the largest of the East African countries, having stagnated during almost three decades of post independence communist isolation, and having been wrestled from the Germans after the First World War, remained only a mandated British territory rather than a colony. Mount Kilimanjaro, towering over the country’s northern border with Kenya is the highest mountain in Africa, (over 19,000 ft) and dominates the northern landscape of the country, with Mount Meru a close second. The Ngorongoro Crater, the largest volcanic closed cauldron in the world, 12 miles across, cradles an amazing concentration of wildlife that indulge in their own mini migration around its basin.
Nearby the famous Olduvai Gorge provides an opportunity to view finds of early man and beyond the plains of the famous Serengeti National Park offer a wonderful opportunity to witness one of the grandest spectacles of nature, the annual wildebeest and zebra migration which spills into Kenya’s Masai Mara at the end of the dry season in July/August. For the more adventurous the Ruaha, Katavi and Selous National Parks are more remote, more secluded and well worth a visit. Just off the coast lies the lush and beautiful spice islands of Zanzibar Mafia & Pemba, still permeated by the scent of cloves, and are all famous for their diving, snorkeling & fishing.

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Eastern Africa

East Africa: Tropical Rainforest, Savannah Grasslands, Dramatic Semi-deserts, Stunning Wildlife Migrations, Indigenous Cultures, The Great Rift Valley, Soda and Fresh Lakes, Deserted Beaches and Coral Reefs shape the extraordinary landscapes that make up East Africa.

Eastern Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania & Rwanda) is probably the first option for a safari destination in Africa. Its spectacular range of altitude offers incredible climatic diversity; its wildlife spectacle is unparalleled and varied, its wild places with a wealth of wildlife unspoilt and natural, with nothing contrived, and it harbours some of the world’s oldest and most colourful cultures, all of which fuse together to form the richest African tapestry.
East Africa has so much to offer that it would be difficult to combine all five countries in one itinerary; they need to be considered separately and carefully before settling on an itinerary that will include all the options on offer.

Southern Africa

South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe: Wetlands Teeming with Wildlife, Tribal Cultures, Scenic Winelands, Uber-luxury lodges, Vast Deserts, Secluded Beaches, The Cape of Good Hope and Historic Cape Town shape the extraordinary landscapes that make up South Africa.

Southern Africa offers literally a world in one block of countries, so varied is the landscape, even within the different countries that comprise this package. The most ancient desert in the world, the Namib of Namibia, is unique in that here is the only place where towering sand dunes touch the ocean along the desolate Skeleton Coast; well named, since ships have foundered there over the centuries, and lie like stark skeletons on the lonely sands where the icy Atlantic caused by the cold Benguela current contrasts dramatically with the heat of the abutting desert dunes. Botswana incorporates the stunning and vast wetland system of the Okavango Swamps, harbouring a rich diversity of life, whilst the lush winelands and sophistication of South Africa with its 300 year long historical background offers a particularly rich cultural heritage in a sophisticated first world setting. The great gold, diamond and mineral deposits of Southern Africa combined with South Africa’s European first world influence has resulted in a sophisticated tourist infrastructure for destinations in this part of Africa, making it a very attractive proposition for all travellers and offering a wide perspective of pleasurable opportunities.

Central Africa

This vast region is emerging from the shadows to become an exciting location to expand our safaris to a very different experience. Primarily covered by tropical rainforest, these regions are prime locations for viewing lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, forest elephants, the rare bongo antelope as well as a host of other forest dwellers. Trips to this region involve a lot of forest walking, however the massive rivers in the area also provide a different experience in exploring by boat & canoe. There are also some grasslands, as well as deserts in the region that offer some more conventional game viewing.

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean off the East Coast of Africa has some incredible experiences to offer. From your idyllic tropical Island Paradise such as the Seychelles and the Maldives, to another totally different experience such as Madagascar’s Lemurs, plus its tropical forests & its semi-desert baobab forests, there is much to see and do.