Our Mobile Tented Camps

Our Kenya-based super-comfortable Mobile Tented Camps are widely considered among the best in the industry.

Every detail and comfort is thought of, whilst giving us the freedom to go where we please and set up our home in the bush

The advantage of a Mobile Tented Camp over say a lodge or a permanent tented camp is its flexibility and ability to be where the action is at any time of the year, since they are completely mobile. For, in Africa, no two seasons are exactly alike; no two years exactly the same. Since the movement of the vast array of herbivores and their attendant predators is triggered by rainfall, lush new growth and surface water, flexibility is a luxury that a mobile camp can offer a traveler. Couple that with not having to share your home away from home with other humans, and you have a safari win-win! Mobile camping is all and more than the words imply.

The tents are huge and comfortable, insect proofed, each with its own veranda in front, with en-suite shower, toilet and separate changing area. Your tent will be furnished with either two single or one king-size beds, firm yet comfortable mattresses, the finest bed linen, duvets and your bed will be warmed for comfort by hot water bottles in chilly conditions. You will have a canvas wardrobe for your clothing, bedside tables, solar-powered electric lights, and, in fact, everything anyone would expect in a luxury fixed lodge, including scented candles and fresh flowers.

The Dining Area – aka The Mess – which incorporates a lounge and Bar area is spacious and also insect proofed when necessary. In there, delicious multi-course gourmet meals are served, all cooked by skilled chefs on the camp stove and oven. Menus include a variety of dishes to suit every taste and diet – vegan, vegetarian, meats, fish and fowl, pastas, pizzas and fresh salads, plus plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables brought in whenever needed, with bread baked daily. A refrigerator and deep freeze ensures that food is kept fresh and that ice is ever plentiful.

The Safari crew play a vital role in making each safari memorable. Besides the wildlife ‘spotters’ and ‘trackers’, and the polished kitchen and dining staff, your unobtrusive tent butler will clean your tent during your absence, return your freshly-laundered clothes, clean and beautifully pressed every day in camp, polish your shoes, bring you hot and cold water whenever needed, and be at your call to keep you as comfortable and as happy as possible.

Our mobile tented camps will take you to prime concession areas negotiated in the finest game viewing locations in East Africa (Southern Africa does not have the same tradition of Luxury Mobile tented camps), which can be either inside a National Park or Game Reserve, or on private land or on huge community-owned wildlife ranches, where the freedom of walking and driving at night add another dimension to your African adventure. Some of these areas are vast, others relatively small, but all are special places ideally located to impart that unique feeling that you are a part of exclusive Africa during the time you are there.

The luxury of mobility gives you a customized safari that you will remember all your life.

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