Chad by Helicopter ‘Soul of the Sahara’ 10 days

Embark on an adventure through the lesser explored Sahara, on a mesmerising and superbly scenic private helicopter safari. 

Staying in private mobile camps in this remote corner of the Sahara, we will explore sites such as:

Emi Koussi: A shield volcano that lies at the southeast end of the Tibesti Mountains.

Tarso Toon: This strato-volcano lies in the central Tibesti mountains, and 2,575 metres high, stretching  20km across featuring a massive caldera.

Rock Art: Throughout the Tibesti Mountains there are paintings and engravings of wildlife and hunting scenes – some as old as 8,000 years, show a time of greener pastures.

Aorounga Impact Crater: On the south eastern flank of the Tibesti Mountains, the Aorounga Impact Crater, formed by a comet or asteroid impact estimated to be less than 345 million years old.

Borkou Region: Sandwiched between the Tibesti Mountains and Ennedi Plateau, this region is mostly a sandy desert – making up the south eastern Sahara – a fascinating history of mankind lies hidden in the desert landscapes.

Ennedi Massiff: A spectacular region dubbed ‘Sahara’s Garden of Eden’.  It is characterised by unique geological features that have been sculpted over time by water and wind, with canyons and valleys, and hundreds of natural arches, spires, pillars and columns.

Anoa: Part of Borkou desert region, the Anoa Arch is the most iconic arch with 3 openings, the largest of which is 55 feet high.

Korra: Abandoned rusty tanks, artillery, and armored vehicles from last phase of the Chadian-Libyan in 1987, lie partly buried in the sands of Borkou.

Ounianga: The ‘Jewel of the Sahara’.  Islands in a sea of sand, 18 interconnected lakes in the Ounianga region to the west of the Tibesti Mountains in the heart of the Saraha Desert, are relics of a single, much larger lake occupying the basin some 10,000 years ago.

Archei Guelta: Guelta d’Archei is the largest where desert nomads water their camels and it is also home to one of last populations of Saharan crocodiles.

Gualta Maya: This ancient desert oasis is 40 meters wide, fed from aquifers believed to be over 4,000 years old. Guelta Maya has never yet dried up and Life thrives in these fresh waters.

Aloba Arch: This is the second highest natural archway in the world – surpassed only by Shipton’s Arch in China. The massive sandstone structure was initially hollowed out by ancient streams, and polished over centuries by sand storms.

All images on this page are from @tropicairkenya

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