Olmeoshi Primary School Feeding Project

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Feeding Project

Over the last few years we decided to dedicate a percentage of our turnover towards community and conservation projects that we feel most deserve or are in dire need of financial assistance.

A project close to our hearts is to support a local primary school on the Northern edge of the Maasai Mara called Olmeoshi Primary School, which is extremely poor and cannot afford to give the children school lunches.

Last year one of our very generous guests donated lunches for the whole school of 450 children for a whole year, which was incredibly generous and was hugely appreciated by the families of the children.

So for this year, we have decided to carry this project forward, and have paid for the first six months of school meals for the children, translating to around 75,000 much-needed school lunches to children who are on the very edge of poverty and in many cases their only meal of the day.

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